Super Tuesday, Part III: A Cheat Sheet

Trump, Rubio, Cruz Fox News Debate - Getty - H 2016

Donald Trump could win big tonight.

It is going to be another important primary election night for both the Republicans and the Democrats. 

Billed as the third Super Tuesday of the season, voters are casting their ballots in five states: Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina.

All the major news networks will be covering the elections. Most have had reporters at polling locations throughout the day trying to talk to voters. Coverage will fully ramp around 3 p.m. Pacific. 

Here are the highlights of the evening: 

Donald Trump's Night to Win or Lose

Donald Trump is leading in most polls. However, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has a slight lead in his state, some polls show. Should Trump win Florida and Ohio, it would be considered a major dent in the campaigns of Sen. Marco Rubio and Kasich, who would lose their home states. Those two states are winner-take-all, delegate wise. Trump is set to hold a media conference at Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach later in the evening. 

Schwarzenegger Flexing his Muscle

Movie star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was making robo-calls and all over social media on Tuesday, backing his candidate, John Kasich. Schwarzenegger told Kasich supporters to "get to the polls!" a play on his iconic movie phrase "get to the chopper!" Schwarzenegger is replacing Trump as host of The Apprentice

Clinton and Sanders

Hillary Clinton is leading in delegates, but Sanders had a major, somewhat surprising victory in Michigan last week. Clinton is ahead in most polls, except for Missouri where Sanders has a slight lead, according to polls.