Super Tuesday: Twitter Ablaze With Chris Christie "Hostage" Jokes

Chris Christie Trump Getty 2016 - H

Some users worried about Christie, while others took the opportunity to insert him into movie, TV and pop-culture moments with memes.

Not a single presidential candidate was in the top 10 Twitter trending topics Tuesday night, but New Jersey governor Chris Christie was the most-tweeted name for the majority of Super Tuesday night.

Why? Because users were worried that he had been taken hostage by Donald Trump.

The former GOP presidential candidate, who endorsed Trump last month, introduced his former rival for a victory speech and press conference after Trump won seven states in GOP primaries.

After telling the crowd that the Republican party needs to unite to "make sure that Hillary Clinton never gets back into the White House,” Christie referred to Trump as “a bold, tough and decisive leader” before introducing him to the stage as the "next president of the United States."

But during Trump's speech (and throughout his victorious night), it was Christie who became the topic of conversation on social media, with users reacting to his facial expressions while Trump spoke and took questions from members of the press. Moments after Trump finished speaking, CNN's Anderson Cooper summed it up best: "Twitter has a lot to say about governor Christie tonight."

"Blink twice if you're being held hostage," one user Tweeted with a photo of Christie, who offered a blank stare as he stood behind Trump on a grand stage in Palm Beach, Fla. Others wondered what was going through Christie's head and if he was suffering from buyer's remorse, with many questioning if Trump forced Christie to be there.

And then there were the users who got creative, posting pop-culture vines and memes referencing everything from Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm to a scene from Gone Girl. Here are some of the best entertainment-themed Christie jokes from social media.