Super Tuesday also 'webby'


NEW YORK -- Added to the myriad news options on Super Tuesday will be a new entrant: live coverage streamed online from and Newsweek.

The six-hour live coverage will begin at 6 p.m. ET and include election returns, interviews from Washington Post and Newsweek staffers as well as live reporting and speeches from wherever the candidates are. The reports will be anchored by Newsweek editor Jon Meacham out of's headquarters. It's executive produced by television veteran Tammy Haddad of Haddad Media and Chet Rhodes, deputy managing editor of

Haddad said the webcast will be groundbreaking, the first time that a major news organization will have devoted resources solely to a webcast. It will include Newsweek, Washington Post and Slate staffers.

"We've got these powerful political teams, and let's bring them together and bring our Web audience something unique," Haddad said. "This is the un-cable, un-TV election special. We're not going to try to imitate what they do on TV."

Haddad said some of the features will be more issues-focused than the TV networks are able to do as well as using the best of the Web in more interactivity and live chats. There will also be live breaking news and text throughout the night from the organizations' reporters.

Meacham also will appear on BBC Worldwide and BBC America's coverage of Super Tuesday; BBC anchor Matt Frei may appear on Newsweek's.

"It's smart, it's deep, and it's webby coverage," Haddad said. She said that it's an experiment for Newsweek and but that it could be used as a template for future coverage of either elections or other events if it is judged a success.