'Superbad' Cast Remember "DTF" Acronym Taking Off, Stormy Daniels On-Set Visit at Watch Party

Superbad (2007)

High school seniors Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill) have high hopes that this graduation party will be the best night of their lives. In order to impress the girls they like, the duo must find alcohol. During their hunt, two cops (Bill Hader and Seth Rogen) make their mission even harder than expected. The film's raunchiest moment involves a memorable scene involving Hill, a dance floor and the menstrual cycle.

The cast and creators, including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Emma Stone and others, also discussed the film's weirdest star fans at an event to benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Emma Stone and more stars of the 2007 high school comedy Superbad convened on Tuesday during the latest COVID-19 era Hollywood reunion, this one to benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

The "Superbad: Cast Reunion and Watch Party" screened the Judd Apatow-produced coming-of-age story for viewers who donated any amount to the Democratic Party as stars and filmmakers provided commentary. Apatow, Bill Hader, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Martha MacIssac, Evan Goldberg and Greg Mottola joined Hill, Cera, Rogen and Stone to offer inside information on production, including the appearance of Stormy Daniels on set one day and the time Michael Cera got food poisoning from The Cheesecake Factory early on in shooting.

Apatow kicked off the watch party with a plea for viewers to donate during the screening:  "If we win Wisconsin, we have a much better shot, so watch the movie with us, give money, give money because we need it," he said. (The watch party ended up surpassing its $200,000 goal about an hour in.)

The jokes didn't stop after that, with Hill introducing the chat by claiming, "Michael [Cera] is going to triple every dollar that is raised."

Rogen and Goldberg first began writing Superbad as teenagers, based on their own high school years, and recalled the real events that inspired the film during the watch party. (Rogen's mom offered notes on the early scripts.) An early scene in a drug store was "highly representative of how we would go to the 7/11 and just perv out" on dirty magazines, especially Maxim, which had just launched, Rogen said.

"Which, as the men we grew up to be, I am disgusted about," Goldberg said.

Hill then joked, "You were on the cover of Maxim in just a short couple of years."

The scene when Hill meets Stone in a Home Economics class was based on a year when "I was finally partnered with a girl [in Home Ec] I had a crush on for years and years and years," Rogen said. "It kind of felt like you were on a date every class. You were cooking together every day." The inspiration for Stone's character dated Rogen for two days and then dumped him, he said.

Hader joked, "Any time you shoot in Vancouver, a guy comes up to me and is like 'Hey, you know this guy [from Superbad]? That's based on me, man.' " (Rogen and Goldberg are from Vancouver.)

The film's first house-party scene was inspired by the first "adult party" Rogen and Goldberg were ever invited to in Vancouver. "We had to tone it down from what actually happened," Goldberg said, which involved a "grown man" insulting Rogen's mom and a pig "roaming free" at the event, per Rogen.

The cast and creators also spent some time discussing how the acronym "DTF" (short for "down to f***") took off culturally after Superbad premiered. "The three years after this movie came out, I cannot tell you how many people asked shouted at me, across malls, across parking lots, 'DTF'?" Stone said.

Rogen added, "We were always curious if the Jersey Shore DTF was definitively based on the movie."

The creators and cast additionally remembered various health problems that arose early on in production. Rogen got shingles the first week of production and couldn't visit set, and at another point, Cera got "the worst food poisoning of my life" from a pasta dish at The Cheesecake Factory and also went briefly out of commission.

Hill said to Cera, "The funny part was was that was your favorite restaurant... You were crushed."

Rogen added, "I recently ate so much Cheesecake Factory that I didn't get food poisoning but I couldn't work the next day." Cera responded, "The normal effects."

Stormy Daniels appeared on-set on the day that Hill shot the scene where he attempts to buy vodka underage, Hill remembered. The creators and cast then all tried to recall why she was there: "I think we were talking about her doing a behind-the-scenes feature for Pineapple Express," Goldberg said.

"She was a big part of our world for many years," Apatow joked.

When did they know the film would be a hit? Apatow said that the first preview screening was "maybe the best preview" of any of his films. Goldberg added, "I knew it was going to come together. Ever since I was six, I had this vision."

Stone said she felt the film would do well early on because she was "crying" laughing while reading the script for the first time." She added, "My face just hurts being around you right now... on set it was so funny. I just thought it was going to be amazing."

The film's weirdest celebrity fans include Sean Penn, according to Hader, who once praised the film to him by comparing it to a John Cassavetes movie. Apatow added, "Eminem has watched it hundred of times."

He knows "every word of the movie," per Rogen.