Supermodel Lara Stone Is Topless (Again) In Calvin Klein Jeans Commercial

Lara Stone topless Calvin Klein ad

The designer has been making jeans sexy since 1981 and his new ads with Lara Stone are no exception.

Calvin Klein started stirring the sex pot with salacious images for his denim line back in 1981. That was the year Brooke Shields, then 15, appeared in his TV ads, legs spread, saying, "Want to know what gets between me and my Calvin's? Nothing."

His ads with Kate Moss -- half naked except for his jeans -- also sparked controversy in the '90s. She even posed with Markie Mark, (Mark Wahlberg), both wearing low-slung jeans that showed off their CK underwear

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Well, not much has changed. Klein's latest provocative ads feature the stunning blonde supermodel Lara Stone, who has been working for the company for several years and whose 2010 CK jeans billboard was banned in Australia by the Advertising Standards Bureau for suggesting violence and rape.

A languid Stone, 28, is topless (again) and sprawled on a rocky beach on the island of St. Barts with a ripped male model named Matthew Terry. Stone wears nothing but a pair of bold emerald green skinny CK jeans and a lot of bronzer and oil. 

Stone also models for the designer's main line. Of her multi-layered Calvin Klein gig, she tells Vogue, "I love being part of so many elements of Calvin Klein, it's so nice to be able to be all these different women. You lose track of your identity a bit. There are many different aspects in different women and I think this is reflected in the different campaigns. All those facets are a part of me."

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