Supreme Court Briefly Boots CNN Intern Over GoPro Gaffe

AP Images
Supreme Court Building

Violating the building's strict "no recordings" policy, the accidental video prompted a brief removal.

Getting kicked out of the United States Supreme Court is not the best way to start any summer internship, but that's what happened to one CNN media intern on Monday.

The individual in question was caught with a GoPro camera strapped to his chest, a serious no-no for the Supreme Court's strict rules against recording, and temporarily given the boot for the indiscretion.

First reported by Politico, a CNN rep confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that the snafu prompted a brief removal of the intern from the Supreme Court press room and an apology from the Turner-owned cable news network. "An intern misunderstood the rules about recording inside the Supreme Court's Public Information Office," said the spokesperson. "We profusely apologize to the Court."

Televised or electronic recording of any kind is not permitted inside the Supreme Court, which is why interns covering the proceedings famously sprint outside to awaiting reporters and camera crews when decisions are handed down. A CNN reporter had the intern wearing the GoPro to document the run, affectionately referred to as "the running of the interns," only he accidentally left it on once he walked back into the press room.

The intern complied with the press room when they asked it be turned it off. And, by mid-Monday, the intern and others briefly removed were allowed back at work in the building.