Supreme Court to Hear Gay Marriage Cases on Prop. 8, DOMA

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The high court is likely to hear the cases in the spring and hand down a decision during the summer.

Gay marriage will be argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The high court on Friday announced that it will hear two cases regarding bans on same-sex marriage: California's controversial Proposition 8 law and the Clinton-era Defense of Marriage Act. The court is likely to hear the cases in the spring and hand down a decision in June, according to Politico.

Prop. 8 has inspired a new era of activism in Hollywood as gay rights advocates have worked tirelessly to raise money for legal repeal and awareness campaigns. Passed in 2008, it was overturned in 2010, with that decision affirmed in February 2012 when it was ruled unconstitutional. Gay marriage was legalized by voters in Maryland and Maine in November.

Bruce Cohen, the Oscar-winning producer of Milk and American Beauty who worked with the team that overturned Prop. 8, told THR he was clearing out his schedule to attend the hearing in March.

"We believe with all the forward momentum that's happening in this country, things are changing," he said. "We feel the Supreme Court is going to recognize that and do the right thing."

Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black wrote a stage play called Prop 8, which was performed in both New York and Los Angeles by a large roster of major stars, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Martin Sheen.

President Obama's declaration of his support for gay marriage was crucial in Hollywood's collective decision to open the purse strings to support his campaign for re-election.

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