Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act Hearing: What Hollywood Is Saying

US Supreme Court Building - H 2012
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US Supreme Court Building - H 2012

Madonna, Courtney Love, Seth MacFarlane, Beyonce and many others professed their support for marriage equality on social media.

For the second consecutive day this week, the Supreme Court held court on the subject of gay marriage.

As justices heard arguments considering the Defense of Marriage Act, signed in to law in 1996, "DOMA" became a top trending term in the U.S. on Twitter. And prominent industry figures made their case on social media to promote marriage equality. 

STORY: Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Hearing: What Hollywood is Saying

On Facebook, Beyonce and Madonna each posted brief handwritten notes calling for marriage equality ("Let's start a revolution," Madonna wrote in permanent marker). NSYNC's Lance Bass changed his profile picture to the red equality sign and posted a photo encouraging others to share the symbol.

CW's Arrow star, Stephen Amell, meanwhile wrote a longer note on the social-networking site: "Marriage - and all the benefits that come with it - should be available to everybody. Some of the most loving, powerful relationships I've witnessed have been same-sex couples."

Star Trek actor George Takei posted a picture of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. along with a note mentioning that the Defense of Marriage Act currently denies "federal benefits offered to opposite-sex married couples."

On Twitter, entertainment industry figures-- including Courtney Love, Alyssa Milano, Rosie O'Donell, Sophia Bush and many more -- switched their avatars to a red equal sign in support of gay marriage. Here's a snapshot of the recent reactions: