Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Hearing: What Hollywood is Saying

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A number of marriage-equality memes, including one posted on the "True Blood" Facebook page, have popped up as stars tweet their support.

Hollywood is showing its support for marriage equality as the Supreme Court hears arguments in an historic case.

A number of members of the entertainment industry headed to Washington as the court heard arguments for and against Proposition 8, California’s gay marriage ban, which a federal appeals court ruled unconstitutional in February 2012. Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk, Prop 8) and Rob Reiner attended, with Black tweeting he was “moved tears several times during arguments today" and that “history has been made.”

Many not in attendance also sounded off, with Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeting “When Steven Spielberg & Tony Kushner make the movie about today you are going to want to be the Tommy Lee Jones not the Lee Pace." Kerry Washington urged her followers to read NFL star Scott Fujita’s New York Times essay endorsing equal rights, calling it a “MUST READ."

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A number of stars, including Evan Rachel Wood and Chloe Grace Moretz, promoted the image of a red and pink equals sign, which was originally shared by the Human Rights Campaign on Facebook and has become the symbol of support for marriage equality on social media.

Almost as quickly as the symbol spread, memes began to appear playing off the equals sign. A post on HBO’s official True Blood Facebook page added fangs to the sign to create a vampiric endorsement of marriage equality. An unofficial Lord of the Rings meme put its two stars (Elijah Wood as Frodo and Sean Astin as Samwise) in the equals sign, suggesting that if the two Hobbits were more than just friends, that would be perfectly fine. Another unofficial meme put The Simpsons’ Carl and Lenny in those spots. (The Fox show has occasionally hinted the characters could be gay.)

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Below find more tweets from Hollywood about the Supreme Court, which will move on to consider the federal Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday. The court is expected to release a decision in June.

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