Surprising Moments From Inside THR's Most Powerful People in NY Media Party

John Oliver, left, and Patrick Stewart

Alec Baldwin chatted (amiably) with Megyn Kelly, Don Lemon spotted Gayle King $5 and Patrick Stewart greeted fellow Englishman John Oliver during the Four Seasons bash.

New York's media elite hit the Four Seasons on Wednesday to celebrate the 2014 edition of The Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People in Media list.

The bash brought together an eclectic mix of power players -- from Anna Wintour and Bill O'Reilly to Arianna Huffington and Leslie Moonves. The famously liberal Alec Baldwin was spotted chatting amiably with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, while downstairs CBS' Gayle King was seen borrowing $5 from CNN's Don Lemon to tip the coat check. Back upstairs, Patrick Stewart held court and later greeted fellow Englishman John Oliver.

PHOTOS: Inside THR's Most Powerful People in NY Media Bash

The nature of power was a hot topic at the event, with THR cover star Oliver saying that as a Brit, the word makes him think of the height of his country's empire. Harvey Weinstein told THR the definition of power was his kids, while legendary producer Clive Davis said President Obama, George Clooney and Meryl Streep come to mind when he thinks of the word. J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons said Stephen Colbert exemplifies power because he's changing everything.

"Power, for me, is when someone actually changes things, changes the way you think about something," Lyons told THR on the red carpet. "Stephen Colbert has a tremendous amount of power. He took the idea of politics and demystified it and made it fun and engaging, and still a kind of satire."

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Speaking of Colbert, the newly anointed Late Show replacement for David Letterman, Fox's Kelly admitted she doesn't watch his Comedy Central show, which often takes jabs at her network. But she did say she was a fan of Ellen DeGeneres and the  Tonight Show franchise, noting that she's watched some of new host Jimmy Fallon and was a big fan of former host Jay Leno.

"If I'm going to turn something on, I like [Jimmy] Fallon a lot -- I've watched a little bit of his new role. I was a big Jay Leno fan, so I was sorry to see him go," she said. "But my number-one person that I watch, she's not late night, but in terms of the comedian genre, is Ellen DeGeneres -- love her."

But Kelly admitted she doesn't have a ton of time for TV, getting most of her news online and from newspapers. She said if she does check out TV news, she'll tune in to her employer.

"I have three children under the age of 5; I don't have a whole lot of time for TV. If I'm going to turn on the television, it's going to be the Fox News channel," she told THR.

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