Survey Confirms Earthquake Fault Line Runs Through Planned Millennium Hollywood Project

Millennium Hollywood project rendering (right)

Newly released maps show that the fault line is much closer to the $664 million project than originally thought.

The California Geographical Survey on Wednesday released an earthquake map charting the course of the Hollywood Fault at City Hall. The map shows that major planned developments -- including an apartment complex on Yucca Street and, most notably, the controversial two-tower Millennium Hollywood skyscraper project -- are much closer to an active fault than previously claimed.

The $664 million Millennium Hollywood project -- a pair of proposed 35- and 39-story towers that would include one million square feet of hotel, office and retail space -- got an OK from the Los Angeles City Council on July 24, despite a huge opposition campaign claiming city reports far underplay traffic increases and a serious seismic situation.

STORY: Earthquake Fault Line Shakes Up Hollywood's Skyscraper Plan

In November 2012, city officials acknowledged that they had used outdated fault maps when the Millennium project was approved. The newly released state geographical maps show a fault line much closer to many proposed projects, including the Millennium Hollywood towers. State law requires that any new development within a zone of approximately 500 feet around a fault line be subject to extensive seismic testing. The law also prohibits building directly on top of faults.

“The California Geological Survey map today confirms what my clients have been saying -- that the Hollywood Earthquake Fault runs right through the Millennium property,” said attorney Robert P. Silverstein in a statement. Representing a citywide coalition of community groups that is suing to overturn the City Council’s approval of the Millennium Hollywood project, Silverstein added that “this map will now become ‘Exhibit 1’ in our lawsuit.”