Survey: Movies are on the money today


Better movies and good value have added up to a surging boxoffice, even while other economic sectors have turned south.

That's the essence of data contained in a new Nielsen study, which compiled several consumer surveys to try to answer the question: What's gone right at the nation's multiplexes this year?

The data show significant concern about entertainment expenditures, Nielsen analysts note. One related survey points out that 64% of responding consumers were making cuts in moviegoing and DVD purchases, second only to less-frequent dining out among areas of diminished spending.

Another Nielsen survey shows 20% of those surveyed acknowledged less frequent moviegoing because of the recession.

But analysts said there seem to be two big helpings of saving grace at work at the robust boxoffice these days.

A survey ranking forms of entertainment as delivering "value for the money" rates "going to the movies" at the top of the list, with 59% of respondents mentioning moviegoing. Among activities not faring as well: concertgoing and attending an amusement park.

Nielsen is the parent company of Nielsen NRG and The Hollywood Reporter. (partialdiff)