Survey says: Ads support best


A majority of industry executives expect that ad-supported content will remain king and digital ads will eclipse traditional ads during the next five years, according to a new survey.

Accenture's 2008 Global Media Content Survey found that 52% of more than 100 senior media and entertainment industry executives from North America, Europe and Brazil predict such a sea change.

When asked to predict the No. 1 business model in five years, 62% bet on ad-supported models, well ahead of the 25% who cited subscriptions and 11% who expect pay-per-play services to lead.

When asked to identify the largest drivers of revenue growth through 2013, 66% cited distribution across multiple platforms, well ahead of the 24% citing new content types and the 10% who expect most from international growth.

Accenture, a consulting firm, found great consensus among industry execs about four sources of revenue growth during the next five years: multiplatform distribution, shortform video, social media/user-generated content and ads. (partialdiff)