Survey says: Majority time-shifts TV shows

62% have time-shifted, 84% do it more than three years ago

DVR usage and other forms of time-shifted TV consumption may be even more wide-spread than previously thought with a majority of Americans saying they watch TV content on their own schedule.

A new study conducted by International Communications Research for cable giant Comcast found that 62% of respondents have time-shifted TV shows -- whether by using a DVR, watching online or VOD, according to Media Life.

Sixty percent of respondents said they are time-shifting more now than they did a year ago, while 84% said they are doing it more than three years ago.

Among the other data showing the widespread use of time-shifting, this season more people are watching HBO's "Entourage" on a delay than are watching it live.

The Associated Press in its story on the new survey quotes a 36-year-old mother as saying: "If I didn't have the DVR, I don't think TV would be in the running."
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