'Survivor' Winner Named; 'Boston' Rob Mariano Wins $1 Million Prize

Boston Rob Mariano Survivor: Redemption Island Winner 2011

See who won the $100,000 fan favorite award on the finale of CBS' reality competition, which aired Sunday night.

In perhaps no surprise to fans, "Boston" Rob Mariano was named winner of Survivor: Redemption Island on Sunday night.

Mariano beat fellow finalists Phillip Sheppard and Natalie Tenerelli to take home the $1 million prize. The Survivor alum dominated the game by winning four individual immunity challenges and controlling his tribe throughout the entire season.

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"For my money, in 22 seasons, that's as close to a perfect game as anyone has played on Survivor," host Jeff Probst said during the live finale.

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Mariano also took home the $100,000 fan favorite award, with 40% of the vote vs. runner-up Matt Elrod's 36%.

Mariano played the game a record four times, and he told the Survivor: Redemption Island jury that it would be his last.

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He met his now-wife, Amber Brkich, in 2003 when both were competing on Survivor: All-Stars, which she went on to win over Mariano, who also was in the final two. They also competed on a season of CBS' The Amazing Race.

Brkich and their two children were in the audience for the live announcement Sunday night.

He recently signed on to co-host Around the World in 80 Ways, a travel-adventure series set to premiere later this year on History.