'Survivor's' 'Boston Rob' Mariano to Co-Host Travel-Adventure Series for History Channel

The reality star and Dennis Anderson, creator of the monster truck Gravedigger, have signed on for "Around the World in 80 Ways."

Four-time Survivor contestant Robert “Boston Rob” Mariano has signed on to co-host Around the World in 80 Ways, a travel-adventure series set to premiere later this year on History.

Mariano -- who is on the current season of Survivor and also competed on The Amazing Race -- will appear on the History show alongside Dennis Anderson, creator of the monster truck Gravedigger.

In the 10-episode series, the duo will attempt to travel the globe using 80 different modes of travel -- including blimp, fighter jet, ostrich, canoe, chariot and hitchhiking -- without repeating any of them. Sometimes they will work together and sometimes they will race as they seek to accomplish their goal.

This series captures History's commitment to highly compelling entertainment within a historical framework,” said Dirk Hoogstra, senior vp development and programming. “The dynamic between our two hosts will make for great television, while viewers can journey around the world with them to explore the ingenuity of travel in every era, throughout all stages of technological advances.”
Around the World is produced by Original Productions, with Thom Beers and Philip D. Segal serving as executive producers and Jeff Conroy as co-executive producer. Julian P. Hobbs is EP for History.