'Susa' wins top Jeonju prize

Nine-day festival concludes with $10,000 cash prize

SEOUL -- Rusudan Pirveli’s “Susa” won the Woosuk Award, a production fund worth $10,000 at the Jeonju International Film Festival on Friday.

“We felt Pirveli successfully coaxed a superb performance from her young main actor, and that this was supported by a powerful sense of place and a beautifully crafted narrative,” read a jury statement.

Jeonju, which ended Friday after a nine-day run, is one of the country’s oldest international film festivals, known for featuring independent and digital films. This year, the festival invited 208 films from 48 countries.  

Aside from the festival’s biggest award, the JBbank Award (Special Jury Prize) went to “Red Dragonflies,” a coming-of-age film and debut feature by Liao Jiekai. Separately, “Clash” by Pepe Diokno won the NETPAC Award in the Asian feature section.

On the market side, Jeonju Project Market held three pitching events, where 120 film companies attended during the festival period.

Separately, among the winners of Jeonju Project Promotion included Moon Seong-hyeok’s “Tango in the Apartment,” Kim Hee-chul’s “Petition” and Vimukthi Jayasundara’s “Through the Windshield.”
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