Meet the Hollywood Jeweler Who Keeps Stars (Kate Bosworth) and Execs (Stacey Snider) Glam

Photographed by Amanda Friedman
Linda Lichter, Susan Foster and Cathy Schulman were photographed Oct. 4 at Lichter’s office in West Hollywood.

Top industry names like Nanci Ryder and CAA's Beth Swofford turn to gemsmith Susan Foster for special sparkle. Says attorney Cindy Farrelly Gesner, "Her jewelry gives me confidence, which is great in the workplace."

In a town synonymous with glamour, it's hard for ornaments to stand out, but Susan Foster's collection featuring sliced diamonds and Australian black opals, among other gems, has captivated a following of Hollywood powerhouses, including 20th Century Fox Film CEO and chair Stacey Snider. In addition to Snider, CAA's Beth Swofford, producer Cathy Schulman, entertainment lawyers Cindy Farrelly Gesner and Linda Lichter and renowned publicist Nanci Ryder are among the entertainment executives attracted by her imaginative mix of rare gems and rich metals.

The industry's love affair with Foster's one-of-a-kind treasures, which range from $5,000 to $60,000, began in 2008, when she opened her by-appointment-only boutique on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood. A Hollywood mogul walked in during her first week and rang up a million-dollar sale. "That was one of my luckiest moments," she recalls.

In 2015, nominated documentarian Rory Kennedy donned her 16-carat diamond slice earrings to the Oscars, and in October, Kate Bosworth wore her rose-cut diamond teardrop earrings to a premiere. Foster, 42, who now works between her Bel Air house and a Central Park-facing Fifth Avenue apartment (she also makes house and office visits), began her career serendipitously. The East Hampton native was wearing a necklace when it snapped in front of a designer friend: "She whipped out her blowtorch and other paraphernalia, and I became entranced with the craftsmanship." Study with European goldsmiths followed, and Minnie Driver wearing her ruby earrings in 2002 was her first break. When New York's Bergdorf Goodman and Beverly Hills' Neiman Marcus picked up her collection, Stevie Nicks was an early Neiman client; Foster sent her an invite to a jewelry party at her Santa Monica home. "She never responded," says Foster, "so I couldn't believe it when I opened the door and there she was."

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