Susan Lucci Discusses 'All My Children' Cancellation on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
Susan Lucci

On Friday's "Tonight Show," the veteran soap star opens up about the ABC soap ending its run after more than 40 years.

Susan Lucci is set to appear on Friday's Tonight Show With Jay Leno and addresses the All My Children cancellation.

When Jay Leno asks Lucci whether fans could bring her ABC soap back, she said, "You know, I really have no idea, but we'll say our fans are on fire. And they were on line instantly. They are there for us and we are feeling it on All My Children."

The veteran soap star also discussed the move to Los Angeles from New York last year in an effort to decrease costs.

She added: "I've seen productions on both coasts now. All My Children, both the New York company production taken away from New York and all the people -- the hundreds of people -- and now here in Los Angeles. But we all are still going to work everyday and doing the best we can to give our fans a gift at the end. To say, we've got great story. Agnes Dixon has been welcomed back in to writing her own show. We're going out with the hands we came in on. The ones the audience loves."

ABC canceled All My Children and One Life to Live earlier this month after speculation that the former was on the brink. AMC will end in September and OLTL will end January of 2012. In its place, the network will launch two lifestyle-oriented series, The Chew and The Revolution.

General Hospital will remain on ABC.

AMC debuted Jan. 5, 1970 while OLTL premiered July 15, 1968.

Watch the preview below: