Susan Lucci Had No Idea of 'All My Children's' Cancellation (VIDEO)

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

"No truth to that rumor!" she is caught on camera saying the same week ABC announced the show is going dark.

If Susan Lucci knew All My Children was going off the air, she did a good job of hiding it.

Just a few days before ABC announced the end of it and another of its long-running soap operas, One Life to Live, TMZ asked Lucci at L.A.'s The Grove about the rumors of it going off air.

"No truth to that rumor! Not at all," said an upbeat Lucci.

Could it go on for another 40 years? Lucci has starred as Erica Kane for 41 seasons. "That would be the challenge," she joked.

On Thursday, Lucci said of the show's ending, ""It's been a fantastic journey. I've loved playing Erica Kane and working with [show creator] Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with All My Children. I'm looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities."

Kelly Ripa, who got her start on the show, was more heartbroken.

"This is like losing a member of your family," she told THR. "All My Children was more than a job.-- it was my family.  It was there that I met my husband; it was there when my first two children were born;  it was there where I met many of my life-long friends.  It was the greatest training ground ever. I feel heart sick."