Susan Sarandon Defends Ariana Grande: "She Couldn't Be More Professional or Sweet"

Sarandon says she worked with Grande on 'Zoolander 2.'

It may have come as a surprise to see Susan Sarandon share her thoughts about Ariana Grande’s “Doughnutgate” scandal on Twitter recently, but the actress has now clarified her relationship with the singer.

On July 9, Sarandon tweeted:

In an interview with Vulture, Sarandon revealed that she defended Grande after recently working with her on the set of Zoolander 2. She detailed her positive experience with Grande and said that she believes the singer’s words were taken out of context.

“Well, I just worked with her,” Sarandon explained. “We did Zoolander 2 together, in Rome. She couldn’t be more professional or sweet. Her mom is great. Clearly [her remarks were] taken out of context. But of all the things  if only that energy was put to the study of the effects of GMOs, which affect your health a lot more than licking a doughnut. People should be outraged by what Monsanto is doing, not Ariana.”

“She’s smart, and she’s a really great, very talented person. It’s just ridiculous they’re jumping on her the way they are,” she added.

As previously reported, a video of Grande that surfaced online showed her apparently licking doughnuts on the counter at a California doughnut shop and saying “I hate America.” Since then, she’s issued a statement to apologize for her remarks, as well as an additional apology via Twitter, in which she admitted that she needs to “set a better example for my babes” and that she’s “always learning.”

This article first appeared on Billboard.