Susan Sarandon, Shailene Woodley and More Stars Join #ImWithNina Event at DNC

Shailene Woodley and Susan Sarandon_Split - Getty - H 2016
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Shailene Woodley and Susan Sarandon_Split - Getty - H 2016

The Bernie Sanders supporters say Nina Turner, who was supposed to speak for Sanders at the convention, was pulled from the lineup by the DNC last minute.

Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Shailene Woodley, Rosario Dawson and more Bernie Sanders supporters rallied for former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner on Wednesday during a last-minute press event at the Democratic National Convention. 

The celebrities were there to support Turner, who was supposed to help nominate Sanders on Tuesday, but was allegedly told that she wasn't allowed to participate.

Titled "Why is the DNC Trying to Silence Nina Turner?," the event was held on Wednesday in order to "respond to efforts by the Democratic National Committee to silence former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, a leading and prominent African American surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders," according to a press release. 

Turner told MSNBC that Sen. Sanders himself told her she couldn't appear on stage at the convention "for reasons that I will not comment on," which several Sanders supporters are upset about, saying the DNC has silenced her during a week that's supposed to be about unity within the party. 

During the conference, Sarandon also spoke out about Donald Trump’s controversial comments made earlier on Wednesday, where the GOP nominee encouraged Russia to help find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

Her apparent support to uncover the emails garnered attention. Keith Olbermann tweeted: "I will always love and admire you, @SusanSarandon but honest to god this is a choice between paper cuts and cancer. STFU.”

Sarandon, who says she's waiting to be persuaded before giving Hillary Clinton her vote, has been involved in demonstrations with various groups while at the DNC.

The avid Sanders supporter has been outspoken about Clinton in the past. On Monday, she called the email leaks that revealed DNC efforts to thwart Sanders during the primaries “disgusting” and spoke about similar instances she said she witnessed while on the campaign trail for the Vermont senator.

In response to a GIF that showed the actress having “literally the worst time” at the convention on Monday, Sarandon said, “Accurate.” She later tweeted, “I’m out” and appeared to be leaving.