'Suspect X' opens big in Japan

Fuji TV crime series spin off earns $5.2 mil over weekend

TOKYO – Crime thriller "Suspect X" opened big in in Japan earning 550 million yen ($5.2 million) on 410 screens over the weekend, producer Fuji TV said Monday.

The big screen spin-off of Fuji’s highest-rated Monday night detective drama "Galileo" was produced by hit-maker Chihiro Kameyama and first announced during the series’ run in October 2007.

Distributor Toho expects "Suspect X" to pull in $40 million on the strength of its cast of singer-songwriter, photographer and TV actor, Masaharu Fukuyama in his first feature lead and Kou Shibasaki ("Shaolin Girl," "Battle Royale").

On Saturday, Fuji TV aired a one-off drama special, "GALILEO Episode Zero," to coincide with the film’s release.