Sutherland, Clayburgh pair up for ABC drama


Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh have been tapped to co-star on ABC's drama pilot "Dirty Sexy Money," while Bonnie Somerville has landed one of the leads on ABC's one-hour pilot "Cashmere Mafia."

Additionally, Shawnee Smith has landed a lead in ABC's comedy pilot "Traveling in Packs," Horatio Sanz is set to star in NBC's comedy pilot "Business Class," Wendie Malick has been tapped to co-star on ABC's untitled D.C. comedy pilot, Arielle Kebbel has come aboard ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives," Rhea Seehorn has been cast in ABC's comedy pilot "The Thick of It," Brooke D'Orsay and Philip Baker Hall have joined NBC's comedy pilot "Wildlife,"  Faith Ford has come aboard ABC's comedy pilot "Carpoolers" and Marianne Muellerleile has been added to Fox's comedy pilot "Playing Chicken"

"Money," from ABC TV Studio, centers on an idealistic lawyer (Peter Krause) who gets to represent the Darlings, a rich and powerful family. Sutherland and Clayburgh will play the Darlings' patriarch and matriarch. Sutherland, who co-starred on ABC/ABC TV Studio's "Commander in Chief," next will be seen in "Reign Over Me." Oscar nominee Clayburgh most recently was seen in "Running With Scissors."

"Mafia," from Sony Pictures TV and Darren Star Prods., revolves around four successful female executives (Lucy Liu, Somerville, Miranda Otto, Frances O'Connor). Somerville will play a senior vp for a cosmetic giant. Otto originally was cast in that role; she will now play a different part, the COO of a hotel chain. Somerville, whose credits include the Fox series "Kitchen Confidential" and the telefilm "Wedding Wars," is repped by ICM, McKeon-Myones Management and attorney Neil Meyer.

"Packs," from WBTV, centers on three thirtysomething women who find that living together has benefits. Smith will play one of them, a health nut. Smith (Kritzer Levine Wilkins Entertainment, attorney Todd Rubenstein), who recently starred in "Saw III," next toplines Lifetime's "Secrets of an Undercover Wife."

"Class," from NBC Uni TV and Dutch Oven, chronicles the absurd and surreal adventures of two high-powered soda salesmen (Sanz, Mark Valley). "Saturday Night Live" alum Sanz next will be seen in "Lucky You."

The untitled D.C. comedy, from WBTV, is a comedic soap about legislative aides on Capitol Hill. Malick will play a Democratic senator . She co-stars on ABC's comedy "Big Day."

"Wives," from ABC TV Studio, focuses on the wives of professional football players. Kebbel will play the younger sister of one of the wives (Kiele Sanchez). Kebbel's (Endeavor, Berneman Management) feature credits include "John Tucker Must Die" and "The Grudge 2."

"Thick," from Sony TV and BBC Worldwide Prods., revolves around workers in the office of a low-level congressman. Seehorn will play the congressman's speech writer and staffer. Her credits include the series "The Singles Table" and "Head Cases" and the feature "The Shaggy Dog."

"Wildlife," from NBC Uni TV and Conaco Prods., is a workplace comedy set at an animal park. Baker Hall will play the zoo's director. D'Orsay (Fox's "Happy Hour") will play the new director of zoo operations.

"Chicken," from WBTV and Werner-Gold-Miller Prods., reļæ½volves around two brothers who are forced to live together after one is in an accident. Muellerleile will play the guys' mother.