California Governor Jerry Brown's Dog Dies at 13

Sutter Brown - H 2016 Getty
Michael Kovac/Gettyimages

Sutter, the "first dog" of California, was diagnosed with cancer in October.

California Governor Jerry Brown's beloved Welsh Corgi, Sutter, has died. He was 13.

“Sutter passed away peacefully this afternoon with the Governor and First Lady at his side and was laid to rest at the family ranch in Colusa County, where he loved to roam, sniff and play,” Brown spokesman Evan Westrup said Friday afternoon in a statement quoted by The Sacramento Bee.

Sutter, dubbed "first dog" by Brown, was diagnosed with cancer in October.

The dog had his own official Twitter account, which boasted over 11,000 followers, and his popularity bridged the party aisles. Gov. Brown's wife and chief advisor, Anne Gust Brown, quipped in a 2013 address, "It's hard in my household to get any attention between my husband and the dog."

Gov. Brown tweeted a tribute to his departed dog on Friday. "A beautiful day on the ranch but a very sad parting. Happy trails, @SutterBrown," he wrote alongside pictures of himself with Sutter.

Sutter is survived by his sister, Colusa "Lucy" Brown, who will take on the duties of California's first dog.