Sutton Foster Guesses Identity of Former 'Younger' Scene Partner

Terence Patrick/CBS

The actress was prompted to guess which actor in a lineup of five similarly dressed men was her former scene partner when she played the game "Who's Your Co-Star?" during her appearance on 'The Late Late Show' on Wednesday.

Sutton Foster was tested on whether or not she remembered a minor co-star from Younger when she visited The Late Late Show on Wednesday.

Prior to playing the game "Who’s Your Co-Star?," Corden showed the audience a scene from the TV Land show that Foster filmed with the mystery actor. The scene showed Foster's character being hit on by her scene partner while she waited at a bar for her boyfriend. "You look lonely," the man told Foster's character before she revealed that she was 40 years old and had a daughter in college.

"We are now gonna bring out five skinny guys with glasses, but only one of these skinny guys with glasses was in an episode of television with you and considers it the high point of their life," explained Corden before the similarly dressed men made their way onstage.

After Foster took in the five men standing in front of her, she said, "I don't know. I love all of you. It was really the highlight of my life, as well."

"He says that you got along incredibly well. He was very surprised that the two of you didn't keep in touch after the shoot," Corden told Foster about her scene partner. The host also noted that the first man in the lineup looked like "the kid from Stranger Things" and the fourth man looked "like he's in Weezer."

Corden let fellow guest Eddie Izzard guess which man was Foster's scene partner first. "I think number three. I wasn't there. I don't know," he said. "Or it could be number two or number five." He also said that he could see any of the men being the correct answer. "So either one, two, three, four or five, but still going back to three and a bit of two and five," he said.

The host next prompted the men to say a line from the scene, which was, "You look lonely." The first man in the lineup said the line with a monotonous tone before the four other men followed his lead. After the fifth man said the line, Izzard said, "I don't think it's number five."

Izzard requested that the men say the line again, though this time with either French, German, Russian or Spanish accents. The men in the lineup repeated the line, though this time with poorly crafted accents.

Corden interrupted the men as they recited the line to ask if they were all instructed to pose with their right arms crossed over their left wrists. "Damn it, number four. Answer me!" he said when the men remained silent.

Once all of the men finished reciting the line with an accent, Foster correctly guessed that her scene partner was the second man in the lineup. The actress embraced her former scene partner with a hug to celebrate her correct guess.

Watch the full game below.