Swatch offers many shades of locations


The Location Swatch, an innovative way to compile and list film-friendly properties in the Los Angeles area, is causing something of a stir.

The swatch, from locations agency Image Locations, is like a swatch of fabric or paint you can find at a Home Depot but with well-known homes and landmarks that are classified and color-coded into 25 categories including retro, Americana, garden and mansion. It also lists permit info for beaches and local communities.

Image Locations president Paul Kim said that a Midwest film commission tried to replicate the swatch, which has a pending patent and is copyrighted. Even the term is trademarked. "We had to send a cease and desist letter," Kim said.

The idea for the Location Swatch came about as a response to hard-to-fill and vague requests.

"People would tell us, 'We need a very over-the-top mansion.' Sometimes we wouldn't know what that meant," Kim said. "So what we would do was send jpegs of certain mansions and they would say, 'That is not what we meant.' So I thought, why don't we put all of our top locations in one place, like a swatch, so you could fan it out and you could tell us which direction to go."

The swatch is made for location and entertainment professionals and is small enough to fit into a laptop bag or glove box.

Image Locations plans to update the swatch annually and hopes to expand the concept for locations listings in other cities, as well as listing props.