Swedish movie download service launches

Brixgate, Paramount unveil Free Films Direct

STOCKHOLM -- Sweden's Brixgate has signed up with Paramount Digital Entertainment to launch an online movie service for Sweden. The service, called Free Films Direct, will offer both paid movie downloads and streaming as well as a smaller, ad-supported lineup of library films which users can watch for free.

Brixgate founder Gunnar Trosso said the company was close to signing content deals with other Hollywood majors as well as major Scandinavian and international production studios.

John Robson vp of Digital Distribution for PDE, EMEA said Free Films Direct would offer "a legitimate alternative to piracy, but it also provides customers with a choice of how to purchase and watch our movies across a range of business models."

Sweden is at forefront of the online media business, being home to legal ad-supported music download service Spotify as well as infamous P2P operation The Pirate Bay.