SXSW: 'Broad City' Stars Talk Booking Hillary Clinton, Smoking Pot

Sandra Dahdah/Getty Images for SXSW

"We have the privilege of living this liberal life," says co-star Illana Glazer. "It's fun to show how liberal it can be."

Season three of Broad City is the most star-studded yet, but the biggest cameo comes from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

The episode, which will air Wednesday, was written about a year ago, and the show's stars and creators said it wasn't a given that Clinton would actually participate. "The intel about whether or not she'd be able to do it was very slow," explained Abbi Jacobson on Saturday during a panel at South by Southwest with collaborator Ilana Glazer. 

How did they land the high-profile politician? "You know that meme of Hillary texting? It's always us, every time," joked Glazer.

Although Clinton's episode will drop in the middle of a high-profile election year, Jacobson said the intention wasn't to make a political statement. "She is an icon," she said, adding that it was more about telling a story that was true to the characters. "For these girls, being around someone like that is not an everyday thing." 

Season three also sees guest performances from Blake Griffin, Alan Alda, Rachel Dratch and Tony Danza. In a much-discussed episode where Glazer's Ilana Wexler finally leaves her job at Groupon-esque company Deals Deals Deals, Broad City stages a Sister Act tribute with Whoopi Goldberg reprising her role. Vanessa Williams also appears in the episode as an investor to the company.  

Broad City, which began as a web series, stars Glazer and Jacobson as versions of themselves, highlighting their antics as they figure out adulthood in New York City. The Amy Poehler-produced series was picked up for a fourth and fifth season before season three's premiere in February. 

During the hourlong panel, the women discussed how the show has changed since it moved from online to cable. For example, they used to have a Google Doc where they shared ideas. Now, they have a standard writers' room where they use index cards to organize a season's plot.

The thing they miss most about the web series? "We could use whatever music we wanted because weren't making any money off the web series," explained Glazer. "Now we have an amazing music supervisor who finds music we can afford, but we don't have a crazy budget." 

Both Glazer and Jacobson have recently branched out to other projects in addition to Broad City. Glazer, for example, co-created miniseries Time Traveling Bong, which will air over three nights on Comedy Central beginning April 20. She described it as following "two mediocre, very average white people who travel through time and only through time travel do they become above average." 

During a series of rapid-fire questions, the girls also discussed how they made their first dollar ("I started waitressing at 14," answered Glazer), whether they smoke pot as much as their characters ("I don't smoke as much as Ilana does," said Jacobson. "I find it to make me less productive now") and what every girl should try once ("Anal?" asked Glazer with a laugh, to which Jacobson responded: "I knew you'd f---ing say that.")