SXSW Crash Victim Steven Craenmehr Was Music Agency Creative Director, Musician

South by Southwest Car Accident - H 2014

South by Southwest Car Accident - H 2014

The Amsterdam-based man was reportedly remembered at a vigil attended by others from the Netherlands who were in Austin for the festival.

One of the victims of Thursday's accident at SXSW was Amsterdam-based music agency employee Steven Craenmehr.

Craenmehr is believed to have been struck while he was on a bicycle during suspected drunk driver Rashad Owens' alleged rampage, which left two people dead and 23 injured. As of Friday afternoon, the name of the second person who was killed, a woman who was struck while she was on a moped, had not yet been revealed by the police. But the police said at a Thursday press conference that the other victim was a man from the Netherlands and shortly thereafter, Craenmehr's employer MassiveMusic posted a statement on its website revealing that he was one of the victims of Thursday's tragedy.

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Craenmehr, 35, was creative director for the international music agency network, Billboard reported.

Craenmehr's Twitter bio, found by Billboard, reveals he was a musician, composer, lead singer and guitarist. It appears that at some point he was a member of Dutch pop-rock outfit Perneau, Billboard added.

On his bio, Craenmehr listed his position as "creative director & sonic branding specialist."

MassiveMusic declined to comment further on Craenmehr's death.

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On Thursday night, a small group of people from the Netherlands at SXSW, some of whom knew Craenmehr, held a vigil to honor him, Houston CBS affiliate KHOU reported.

His death created confusion and concern in Europe.

"I got all kinds of messages like, 'Are you OK?' There was a lot of confusion, but it's all over the news in Europe," fellow Dutchman Jeroen Van Erp told KHOU.