SXSW: Film Festival Rules to Screen By (Video)

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South By Southwest celebrates 20 years of showcasing independent film with laughs.

As the South By Southwest film festival celebrates its 20th year, it’s only natural to notice how things have changed since 1992. For example, mobile phones were still rare in the old days, and the only necessary request for proper theater decorum was to please be quiet once the screening of a movie had begun.

But now, with the proliferation of smartphones, laptops, tablets and the like, interactive technology is an indispensable part of everyday life, and suggestions for common courtesy in a movie theater can be a bit more explicit.

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And so, in the spirit of insurgent film venues like the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the thoughtful folks at SXSW have politely provided a thoroughly modern screen reminder before every film being shown at the fest this year -- and it’s a heck of a lot more than just “Please turn off your cell phone" (see photo above). Fruit Ninjaing and Gangnam Styling? So passe.

The smarts and humor of the SXSW film staff are also on display via this year’s rotation of "The Best Of The Bumpers," a well-chosen anniversary series of classic SXSW-oriented trailers produced over the last decade. These hilarious little in-house flicks have mostly showcased local filmmakers like Joe Nicolosi and Dan Brown, and featured various friends of the festival like Mark Duplass, Greta Gerwig, and even a Jeff Goldblum vignette by Bob Odenkirk.

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Replicating, satirizing and de-sensationalizing the SXSW film fest experience from an insider/outsider perspective with an irreverent wisdom found only in Texas, the bumpers have taken on iconic subjects like Goodfellas and Glengarry Glen Ross as well as highlighting the transformation of an obnoxious industry invader with Platinum status into a devoted slacker tribe-member nostalgic for the older, simpler times in Austin -- just like you!

See the Goldblum-Odenkirk favorite below:

Here’s a complete list of South By's “Best Of The Bumpers.” You can watch them all here.

SXSW 2002 Goodfellas created by Dan Brown
SXSW 2003 10 Year Anniversary created by Phil Renke & Craig Downing
SXSW 2005 Jeff Goldblum created by Bob Odenkirk
SXSW 2007 Mic created by Joe Swanberg
SXSW 2007 McGriddles created by Joe Swanberg
SXSW 2008 Glengarry Glen Ross    created by Dan Brown
SXSW 2010 Sound Stage created by David Lowery
SXSW 2010 Stay Indoors created by Joe Nicolosi
SXSW 2011 The Mushroom Kingdom created by Joe Nicolosi
SXSW 2011 The Line created by Joe Nicolosi
SXSW 2011 Knitta Please created by Joe Nicolosi
SXSW 2012 Theater Bumcreated by Joe Nicolosi