SXSW: 'Girls' Star Alex Karpovsky Spills Secrets on Season Finale

Lena Dunham Alex Karpovsky - P 2012
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Lena Dunham Alex Karpovsky - P 2012

The actor, who is promoting his latest indie film "Good Night," says his character Ray will enter into a "deeper and darker" place in his relationship with Shoshanna.

Girls co-star Alex Karpovsky says the HBO show's season finale will see his character Ray's relationship with Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) enter a "deeper and darker" place. 

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at SXSW in support of the indie film Good Night, written and directed by Austin local Sean H.A. Gallagher, Karpovsky took a moment to discuss Ray and Shoshanna's fate leading up to Sunday's finale.

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"His relationship with Shoshanna goes deeper and darker and in a more disconcerting place than it's gone before," he said. "I think he learned a tremendous amount about himself and her in the last two episodes [of the season]. And I think it ends in a place that's very moving, surprising, and for Ray, very illuminating."

Karpovsky kept mum on the fate of the other characters. 

Sunday's penultimate episode of the second season, in addition to seeing Hannah (Lena Dunham) continue to deal with her OCD and Marnie (Allison Williams) make a fool of herself in front of her ex Charlie (Christopher Abbot), saw Shoshanna halfheartedly lying to Ray about her frolic in the coat closet with the door man at a party Ray refused to accompany her to by saying she only "held the door man's hand" instead of admitting the truth of an all-out makeout session. Ray, amused by the innocent yet hardly truthful admission, forgave Shoshanna by giving her a hug while sincerely admitting his love for her. 

Surprisingly, Ray and Shoshanna's relationship has been the most stable on the popular HBO show, and Karpovsky's character, in particular, had a notable emotional arc this season, making him a fan favorite.

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Being the only thirtysomething guy in a world full of twentysomething women took its toll on the Andy Kaufman enthusiast, coming to a head in one of the most poignant moments of the season when Ray, sitting alone with a dog while staring at the New York skyline after a long day on Staten Island, came to terms with his current place in life by admitting through tears, "I'm nothing."

Karpovsky's character in Good Night, a successful married lawyer with a cocaine fetish named Jake, could not be more opposite than that of his Cafe Grumpy barista on Girls.

"It was a challenge and a source of enthusiasm," Karpovsky says on playing Jake. "It's also nice to play a character who is married, and who does have a job and who does have fierce ambition. All of that was really fun to do."

Good Night premieres at the SXSW Film festival Monday. 

Girls season finale airs Sunday, March 17, on HBO.


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