SXSW: Lady Gaga Shares Festival Highlights and BBQ Tips With Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Neilson Barnard

The outrageous singer, who famously has no filter, wore a dress made out of coffee filters when she appeared on the talk show in Austin.

Instead of cowboy boots and western wear for her Texas outing, Lady Gaga opted for a dress made out of coffee filters when she visited Jimmy Kimmel's Austin set during the South by Southwest festival on Thursday.

"She did not bring the meat dress or the giant egg. She didn’t want to be turned into a 3 a.m. breakfast taco," quipped Kimmel, referring to the late night junk food of choice at SXSW. 

The singer, who is notorious for her outrageous costumes, rode in on a pedicab, which is the go-to form of transport during the festival, with her white outfit billowing around her. "I am recycling. You can do anything with your crazy ideas if you put your mind to it," Gaga told the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host. "This is a Gareth Pugh dress. He is a wonderful designer and he gave it to me. 

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"I just really wanted to be comfortable for the interview," she joked about the distinctly uncomfortable looking outfit and huge platform shoes. "They are my hiking shoes. 

"I have had a really great time. I have been going out every single night and seeing as much music as I can," she said. "The thing I have missed the most is going out and seeing live music. I don't remember a lot of what happens, but I know I was there and I have seen live music," she confessed.

Kimmel has been very outspoken all week about the sheer mass of Texas BBQ that he's been eating since he got to Austin, "I am a South-by-South Mess. I had to get a bigger shirt today because my regular shirt doesn’t fit," he said in his opening monologue, adding: "In Texas, pork is considered to be a condiment."

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He's not the only one who's been indulging in the best that the Lone Star state has to offer, as the "Bad Romance" singer confessed that her floaty outfit was to cover her weight gain. "That's actually why I wore it -- because I am really fat right now because I have been eating BBQ. I had some at Stubb's because I am playing there and some Salt Lick too. Or any meat that I find on the street, I just eat," she said.

Gaga will be a keynote speaker on Friday at SXSW with Fuse's John Norris, but admitted that she hadn't written her speech, saying that it would be more like a conversation between the pair. 

"I don't really anything particular planned that I want to come across. I just want the audience to leave with a sense of a love for music, a love for live music, that is at the heart of this festival ... The best thing for me to witness here is watching these little bands on small stages."

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She didn't perform on Kimmel's show, instead leaving to play her own concert at Stubb's, which some lucky fans won the chance to see by doing outrageous stunts. "I saw some videos on Instagram of them jumping off buildings to get tickets, but that's the kind of fans I have and I'm a lucky girl."

Earlier in the show, Kimmel made a somber reference to the fatal car accident on Wednesday night on Red River Street that left two dead and 23 injured. He encouraged viewers to donate to the victims at the SXSW Cares Fund at and to give blood.