SXSW: 'Premature' is Harold Ramis' 'Groundhog Day' All Over Again

Premiering in Austin, the sex comedy follows a teen virgin caught in an endless loop of the same nightmarish 24 hours.

Look no further for the legacy of writer-director-actor Harold Ramis, the comedy giant who died Monday at age 69, than the trailer for Premature -- a new film premiering at SXSW which not-so-subtly lifts the central premise of Ramis' 1993 classic, Groundhog Day.

STORY: Harold Ramis Dead: Writer-Director Dies at 69 

That means the hapless protagonist of both films -- swap Bill Murray's egotistical weatherman for Rob, a meek teenaged virgin susceptible to nocturnal emissions -- is doomed to relive the same day again and again.

Not helping matters is that this particular day is one which begins with Rob's mother walks into his room immediately after he -- well, watch the trailer.

But writer/director Dan Beers (who co-wrote the screenplay with Mat Harawitz) isn't trying to pull the wool over anybody's eyes, as Premature bills itself as Groundhog Day homage, not a Shia LaBeouf-ian misappropriation. Need credentials? Beers' 2008 short FCU: Fact Checkers Unit, embedded below, featured a rare appearance by Murray himself. 

Premature, which screens as part of SXSW's Visions program (and therefore is not in competition, though is eligible for an audience award), premieres on Fri. March 7 at 8:45 p.m.