SXSW: Richard Linklater Gave Advice to Adrien Brody for 'Stone Barn Castle' Doc

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The documentary was filmed over a seven-year span.

Adrien Brody received advice from Boyhood director Richard Linklater on his documentary film Stone Barn Castle, which is set to debut at the South by Southwest festival on Saturday.

The actor purchased Stone Barn Castle in 2007 as a home for himself and then-girlfriend Elsa Pataky, Huffington Post reported

Brody and filmmaker Kevin Ford partnered to document his experience renovating the partially burned, European castle-like New York stone barn, his spirituality and outlook on the world over a seven-year period.

"It's a personal endeavor. We didn't quite know what we were engaging in," Brody told Huffington Post. "We knew this would be a very long process and one that was very meaningful to me, but you need someone who is a real team player. Kevin was always able to be present, but it wasn't strictly in a documentary aspect. There was an element of artistry. We have a similar approach in how we look at things and find beauty. It's wonderful to look back and see that I had a friend to witness all of this challenging stuff."

Stone Barn Castle shows footage of Brody working with contractors, dealing with a basement flood and cement work on the home, among other property renovations and life seasons.

Linklater, whose film's time sequence is similar to Stone Barn Castle, mentors Ford and offered advice on the project.

"At one point, Linklater was just checking in on us and, as a friend, asked what it was we were telling with all this footage," Ford told HP. "We were still in the middle of filming, and it could have gone in so many ways and focused on so many storylines, and he kind of interrogated us about the possible storylines. The one that we ended up with was something that when he heard it, he said might be a clue about where to focus in: the personal journey. It's funny, he was in the middle of this spanning odyssey himself. He probably related to this. Recently, he said it's kind of like Adrien had his own Boyhood of sorts. He was growing and changing over the years. He becomes a different guy by the end of it."

Brody won the best actor Oscar in 2002 for his role in The Pianist and commented that he "will just try and hang on until I can be like Coppola and kick back with my family. But right now, I'm still a young man, and I'm still very ambitious, and I have a lot of things I want to do."

Brody went on to say that the experience changed him in multiple ways and "made me a better human being and a man."

"The joy and the suffering I endured in this only enriches my being," Brody said. "To be an actor, you have to have lived. The more you've lived, the more honest you can be in the end. That's the goal."

Stone Barn Castle (Teaser) from Kevin Ford on Vimeo.

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