SXSW: Rosario Dawson Talks Affordable Care Act, Engaging Millennials

Rosario Dawson

The actress and activist sat down with MSNBC's Alex Wagner to discuss how to engage Latino millennials to affect change in their communities.

Rosario Dawson showed her support for the Affordable Care Act during a discussion March 7 at SXSW in Austin. 

In a chat with MSNBC's Alex Wagner, the Gimme Shelter actress stressed the importance of signing up millennials for health insurance. 

"I was one of those kids growing up; I didn't have a pediatrician. We went to the emergency room," she said, adding that this was standard in her community. "None of us could afford healthcare. We're trying to change that. We're trying to change the entire system."

Dawson is the co-founder of Voto Latino, a nonpartisan organization helping to empower Latino millennials, and she is on the board at V-Day, which speaks out against violence against women.  

She acknowledge that the Affordable Care Act isn't perfect, but said that it's "a step in the right direction."

Dawson also spoke to the packed crowd about the Dream Act and Internet safety during the hourlong discussion.