SXSW: Ryan Gosling Assists With Fan's Marriage Proposal During Q&A (Video)

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The actor was more than happy to share the spotlight.

Two must-haves when you propose marriage: a ring — and Ryan Gosling.

The actor took part in a panel discussion Saturday at South by Southwest about his directorial debut Lost River, which stars Christina Hendricks and Saoirse Ronan, when a female fan requested a moment. 

"I think your film was amazing, and I'm going to kind of take away from it for a bit if I can and ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she'll marry me," she said. 

Gosling clearly did not let the moment rattle him. "We've got a marriage proposal going on right now," he told the crowd. 

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The fan then started to propose, but Gosling realized no one could hear what she was saying to her partner. "Do you want the mic?" Gosling asked from the stage before heading into the crowd to hand it to her. "Hold on."

The crowd got to eavesdrop during the heartfelt proposal, to which her girlfriend said yes.

"Well, let's go out on that note, shall we?" Gosling said immediately after. "Congratulations to the happy couple."

To see the proposal and Gosling's adorable reaction, watch the video below, beginning at 11:38. 

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