SXSW Exclusive: Smosh Games Launches Two New YouTube Series (Video)

Courtesy of Defy Media
"16 Bit High"

The premieres of “Honest Game Trailers” and “16 Bit High” mark the progression of the newly merged Defy Media.

When Alloy Digital and Break Media announced a merger to become Defy Media in October last year, executives from both companies spoke at length about how sharing resources would help strengthen their web video properties.

The premieres of two new shows on Defy-owned YouTube channel Smosh Games shows just what they meant.

Defy is announcing at SXSW the launch of Honest Game Trailers, a spinoff of Honest Trailers that satirizes over-the-top video game promotions, and 16 Bit High, an animated series following video game characters as they navigate high school.

Honest Trailers is a legacy show from Break Media. Smosh Games – a spinoff of the Smosh Channel – was owned by Alloy prior to the merger. Defy evp Barry Blumberg tells THR that the shows have leveraged resources from both companies.

“When Alloy merged with Break, it was a great opportunity for us to cross pollinate ideas for our original channels,” he adds. “The new programming coming to Smosh Games is the first of many.”

Defy’s YouTube channels and online properties, including pop culture-focused Clevver and humor-focused Break, have reached a combined 125 million unique monthly viewers. On YouTube, its channels have a more than 30 million YouTube subscribers, up 16 percent since the merger. That growth is driven by popular brands such as Smosh Games, which launched in 2012 and is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channel with more than 3.9 million subscribers.

With the new shows, Smosh Games is adding to an already extensive slate of programming that includes Gametime With Smosh, where the hosts play a game for audiences, and Grand Theft Smosh, which focuses on the popular game Grand Theft Auto V.

Blumberg says Defy plans to create a more focused slate of programming for Smosh Games, starting with Honest Game Trailers and 16 Bit High.

“We wanted to take a step back and put more thought about what each show that we put up on the channel is,” he says. “We’re looking to pare down to some of the most successful shows and we’re looking to add new programming.”

Honest Game Trailers premieres with a spoof on classic game Mario Cart on Saturday. New episodes will then be released every other Saturday starting with episode two on March 22.

Meanwhile, 16 Bit High, which features the voices of YouTube talent Jimmy Wong, Hannah Hart, Jack Douglass and Haley Mancini, has a 10-episode order and will also release new shows every other Saturday beginning with episode two on March 15.

The premieres coincide with the SXSW Gaming Awards, which will be co-hosted by Smosh creators Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox and YouTube star iJustine. The awards will be held at the Long Center in Austin on March 8 at 7 p.m.  

Watch the first episode of "Honest Game Trailers" here: 


Watch the first episode of "16 Bit High" here: