SXSW: Watch the Trailer for Muslim Coming-of-Age Story 'Jinn'

Simone Missick stars, along with newcomer Zoe Renee and Sundance breakout Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Writer-director Nijla Mumin drew from her own experiences of growing up in a Muslim household for her feature Jinn, which is heading to SXSW this weekend.

Jinn follows Summer, a 17-year-old whose life takes a turn when her mother, a popular television meteorologist, makes the decision to convert to Islam. Summer finds herself having to navigate a new faith at the same time as her normal teenage tribulations.

Simone Missick (Luke Cage) stars with newcomer Zoe Renee and Sundance breakout Kelvin Harrison Jr.

The coming-of-age story landed on the Black List before entering into production, thanks to the help of Kickstarter and several grants from Film Independent and Sundance, among other organizations.

Jinn makes its festival debut March 11.