Syfy renews 'Ghost Hunters'

Series to return for seventh season with 25 new episodes

Syfy's "Ghost Hunters" will return for a seventh season.

The flagship series in Syfy's most popular franchise, "Ghost Hunters" will resume next year with 25 new episodes.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson will resume their roles as the leaders of TAPS (the Atlantic Paranormal Society), which investigates reports of paranormal activity.

Since debuting in 2004, "Hunters" has launched two spinoffs, "Ghost Hunters Academy" and "Ghost Hunters International," and inspired countless imitators on rival networks. The show has become Syfy's longest-running original series.

The first half of Season 6 averaged 2.6 million viewers, which put Syfy as the top-rated cable network in the "Hunters" time slot.