Syfy renews 'Warehouse 13'

First season averaging 4 mil viewers per episode

Guess sci-fi fans weren't that turned off by Syfy's name change after all.

The network-formerly-known-as Sci Fi's moniker switch coincided with the launch of its summer tentpole premiere series "Warehouse 13" last month. Now the drama has proven to be such a success, Syfy has ordered a second season.

"Warehouse" is averaging 4 million viewers per episode when DVR data is included and is tracking to be the network's most-watched first season ever for an original series. The show has grown its audience since its premiere, hitting a new series high in its fourth episode. Syfy notes that the show's average is tracking higher than TNT's summer efforts "Hawthorne," "Raising the Bar" and "Dark Blue."

The drama follows two Secret Service agents assigned to Warehouse 13, a top-secret storage facility housing mysterious artifacts.