Stallone Blames Schwarzenegger for His Most Regrettable Roles


Stallone reveals the cost of a rivalry

Before they were co-stars in the Expendables franchise, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were bitter rivals in the war of 1980s action movie muscle.

Stallone told Jimmy Fallon that rivalry ended up with him taking some of his most embarrassing roles. Stallone didn't reveal specifics — but he suggests that either his agents or studio execs pressured him into taking roles by saying if he passed, Schwarzenegger was lined up to take the part.

" 'I'm telling you, if you don't do Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, he's in,' " Stallone recalled hearing. Also on that list? The 1984 musical Rhinestone, considered one of Stallone's worst.

Speaking of public embarrassment, Seth Meyers welcomed Taylor Swift to his show, only to play footage of her dancing at an awards show. Swift remarked the footage was worse than she thought it would be. 

What were your favorite late-night moments from Thursday?

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