Sylvester Stallone Wants Sigourney Weaver to Star in 'The Expendabelles'

Expendables 3 Premiere Actors - H 2014
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Expendables 3 Premiere Actors - H 2014

Stallone and several stars of the upcoming action threequel attend the world premiere at London's Leicester Square, where producer Avi Lerner revealed that "The Expendabelles" would begin production early 2015.

LONDON – At this year's Cannes Film Festival, The Expendables 3 cast rolled down the Croisette on the back of two Soviet tanks, but at the film’s world premiere in London they had to make do with their own feet and a regular red carpet.

The slightly depleted lineup was led by Sly Stallone, accompanied by his wife and daughters and followed by Antonio Banderas, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes and Kellan Lutz. The group was greeted with cheers from a packed Leicester Square in the heart of the U.K. capital.

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“The English are a little more conservative,” producer Avi Lerner joked with The Hollywood Reporter on the lack of military hardware this time around.

Earlier in the day, Lerner — who has produced all three films in the kitschy action-homage franchise — revealed new plans for his all-female spinoff, The Expendabelles. “We’re going to do it at the beginning of next year,” he said. “We are writing the final lines of the script, we’ve got lots of ideas about who is going to be in it.”

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The only potential castmember named was Sigourney Weaver, whom Stallone said he would love to see lead The Expendabelles as his onscreen wife.

“With The Expendabelles we’ve got a situation where we’re in unchartered waters. Do we put all women actresses together, would that really work? Or do we have some women who are actually really known to be tough fighters,” he said, hinting that the plot could see Weaver get half The Expendables team as part of a messy divorce. "So she'd get the house, the kids and my mercenaries!"

The Expendables 3 hits theaters in the U.S. on Aug. 15.