T Bone Burnett Developing Animated Music Series With Studio Gunpowder & Sky

T Bone Burnett publicity 2013 P

'Drawn & Recorded' will tell stories from American music history.

T Bone Burnett is developing a new music series that will bring American icons including Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong to life through animation. 

The Grammy-winning producer has teamed with animator Drew Christie, music television producer Bill Flanagan and Van Toffler's Gunpowder & Sky to develop the series, called Drawn & Recorded

Narrated by Burnett, the project will tell little-told stories from American music history, the stories that musicians share after sessions, behind the bandstand and during overnight drives between gigs. 

"Working with Drew, Bill and Van is one of the most fun and rewarding collaborations in a life full of said collaborations," said Burnett. "I hope to continue telling these stories until there are no more stories to tell." 

The series is being directed by Christie and produced by Toffler and Flanagan. 

Toffler, who co-founded Gunpowder & Sky earlier this year to develop short-form digital content and traditional-length projects, said the series will "shine a light" on "buried fables" that range from the creation of music, chance meetings, untimely deaths, freak accidents and more. "Music has pretty much defined the emotional highs and lows of most of our lives,"  he explained.

Added Christie: "I have always been fascinated by the stories behind, underneath and around music. Music is very mystical and with animation we can get into that realm to explore it without being subject to the laws of gravity or time or space." 

Drawn & Recorded is currently in production. A distributor for the project has not yet been named.