T-Com, Universal in digital distribution deal


BERLIN -- Universal Pictures International Entertainment and NBC Universal International Television Distribution have signed a digital distribution deal with German telecom giant T-Com that will see Universal and NBC titles released across all of T-Com's Internet and mobile platforms.

The wide-ranging deal will allow T-Com customers to download and burn such NBC Universal films as "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" and "Inside Man" directly to a DVD disc.

This is the first time a major Hollywood studio has allowed a German digital retailer to offer its films to customers to copy onto DVD.

Under the deal, T-Com's broadband Internet customers in Germany, beginning this year, will be able to download Universal films directly to their computer hard drives. Customers will receive three digital copies of the film -- one to watch on their home computer, one for use on a portable video device and a third that can be used to burn one private DVD copy.

Initially, Universal will supply 100 feature films to T-Com, including "King Kong," "Miami Vice" and "Jarhead."

"We are proud to continue our strategy of being a leader in the international digital download space, having been the first studio internationally to offer major movie content via a secure-burn DTO service in Australia in November 2006," said Eddie Cunningham, president of Universal Pictures International Entertainment. "We are delighted to extend our leadership position in partnership with T-Com in Germany with such a pioneering, flexible and convenient download service for consumers."

The agreement, announced Wednesday, also renews existing VOD rights deals between NBC Universal and T-Com.