Tackled Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's Twitter Not Suspended by Team

Melissa Kellerman Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - P 2011
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Melissa Kellerman Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - P 2011

UPDATED: A spokesperson for the NFL franchise told THR that Melissa Kellerman "made her own decisions regarding her account over the weekend."

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman found instant internet fame when she was knocked down on the sideline by tight end Jason Witten during the team's game against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday.

When Kellerman’s Twitter account was suspended soon after she tweeted about the incident, reports spread that it was a move by the Dallas Cowboys. However, Cowboys’ director of public relations Rich Dalrymple said Kellerman was not forced by the team to delete her account.

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"The Cowboys organization does not get involved in the administering of twitter accounts for players or cheerleaders," Rich Dalrymple told The Hollywood Reporter.

Dalrymple added that "Melissa made her own decisions regarding her account over the weekend." On Monday, Kellerman’s account was reactivated, but her Tweets are now protected.

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Kellerman also wrote on her Twitter account on Monday, denying the reports that the Cowboys made her suspend her account. "The Dallas Cowboys might accidentally tackle cheerleaders on the sidelines, but they would never tackle a DCC's twitter account," she wrote. "Cowboys did not 'force' me to deactivate. I chose to spend the Thanksgiving wknd with my family.......& not my twitter account."

Soon after the now-infamous incident, Kellerman took to her Twitter account and left a couple comments about the incident. "I'm not the best at Jason Witten trust falls ;)" and "Not hurtin' today, like some of y'all thought I would be! Our TE isn't as tough as he looks... That or I'm WAY tougher than I look. ;)"

The cheerleader’s Twitter account saw a quick increase in followers -- to more than 1,000 -- as a result of the incident.

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But then, Kellerman’s account went dark, and reports started circulating that it was because the Dallas Cowboys had forced her to suspend her account.

Kellerman, who has been on the team for four years, is from South Carolina. Her profile on the Cowboys website says she is interested in being a child specialist and working in hospitals, an elementary special education teacher or a wedding event planner.

Watch the video of Melissa Kellerman being knocked down during Thursday's game here.