Tadashi Shoji, Octavia Spencer's Favorite Designer, Shows at New York Fashion Week

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Tadashi Shoji's Show at New York Fashion Week

The Golden Globe and SAG award winner could wear any number of the designer's fall gowns or dresses in the coming weeks

New York based Tadashi Shoji has been Octavia Spencer's designer of choice for nearly all of her red carpet appearances since the Palm Springs Film Festival in early January. Clearly, she and her stylists have a very good relationship with the designer. He's kept her palette pale and shiny, but for the Oscars -- her big moment, as she's favored to win -- it would seem they might turn it on its head and go in a completely different direction.

Octavia in lipstick red?

We are NOT saying we know what Octavia's wearing to the Oscars. It's just a good bet, that's all. These two have a track record.

Mr. Shoji showed his fall collection 2012 in New York this week, as Fashion Week kicked off, and almost the entire collection was color, color, color. He did tulle and chiffon dresses with a heavy nineteen twenties feel, and worked in a gem tone palette: blue, dark green, gold and red. Some of his dresses and gowns had drop waists and then fullness and flare, though its not the best shape for Octavia or for an Oscar gown.

But we did spy some other gowns, some in black and some in dark green, that would fit Ms. Spencer to a T and be very flattering. In a perfect world, Tadashi is making a couture Oscar gown for Octavia, but it will have hints and style elements of his fall 2012 collection. Since the fall collections come so close to Oscar week, we won't see anyone on the red carpet in a dress that reflects the trends of the spring collections. The designers will all want the world to see their new, newer, newest. Of course. Only a billion people are watching.