Jake Johnson Reveals Jon Hamm's Wedding-Crashing Advice at 'Tag' Premiere

Cast of Tag at Premiere - Getty - H 2018
Jerritt Clark/Getty

Prior to crashing a wedding on Sunday, Hamm told his co-star: "You can do just about anything for 90 seconds."

It's all fun and games until the camera stops rolling. But for the Tag cast, the fun didn't stop there.

Jake Johnson, Jon Hamm, Ed Helms and Jeremy Renner gathered Thursday night for the world premiere of Tag at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood. Co-stars Isla Fisher, Leslie Bibb, Hannibal Buress and Annabelle Wallis were also in attendance to celebrate the film, based on a real-life group of friends from Spokane, Washington, that have been playing a continuous game of tag for over 30 years.

While the castmembers clearly share an undeniable chemistry onscreen, their carefree antics seemed to carry on off the screen and down to a wedding in Miami. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson and Hamm talked about the event they had crashed — along with co-stars Helms and Renner — just a few days prior while on the road promoting the film.

"It was more of a wedding stumble-through," joked Hamm, noting that the Sunday reception was “very sweet” and that partygoers enjoyed the brief interruption. "Once Jeremy starts walking in one direction, we all just follow him," he said.

For Johnson, however, the idea of crashing the wedding was "shockingly nerve-wracking."

"I tried to pull out," said Johnson, who plays Randy Cilliano in the new flick. "I kept telling Jon this is 'NFJ,' which means 'not for Jake,' and I kept saying, 'Not for Jake, not for Jake, I'm out.' "

Despite Johnson's hesitance, Hamm provided his co-star a few wise words to change his mind. "Jon said to me, 'In our business, there's moments like this. It's probably gonna take 90 seconds of your life, Jake. You can do just about anything for 90 seconds.' "

His advice was enough to convince Johnson, and the four stars went through with the surprise right as the best man was about to give a speech. Despite the actors’ notorious comedic reputation, things didn’t go exactly as planned right away. "The first minute was really bad," admitted Johnson, noting that nobody knew what was happening until a wedding guest recognized Renner. "Somebody screamed ‘Hey, that's Hawkeye!’ And after that, it was way better.”

Johnson also spoke to the film’s message of friendship and universal appeal during a time when society finds itself so divided.

"I'm getting so tired of everything being one side or the other. I liked being part of something like this because I'm so sick of the noise," explained Johnson. "If you are far right or far left — [the film] doesn't alienate anybody; everybody plays something."

Tag hits theaters June 15.