Indie Helmer Taika Waititi Jokes of Directing Next 'Thor' Film: "Just Shake the Camera"

He said of his Sundance film 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople,' "We did 'The Revenant' without any money!"

Before Taika Waititi directs the upcoming installment of Thor, the indie director is premiering Hunt for the Wilderpeople at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

So will the director draw from his indie background when helming the Marvel installment? Yes, he joked of his potential approach: "Just shake the camera a lot. ... And carrot sticks instead of real food."

Waititi, who ignited Sundance buzz two years ago with What We Do in the Shadows, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Wilderpeople, a heartwarming adventure comedy that follows a manhunt in the New Zealand wild in search of a missing child and his foster uncle.

Despite the subject matter, shooting in the elements wasn't easy. "If you think The Revenant was tough going ..." joked actor Sam Neill. Waititi added, "We did The Revenant without any money!"