Taiwan Establishes Film Institute

The organization will supersede the Chinese Taipei Film Archive, adding on the tasks of promoting the local film industry and industry research.

HONG KONG – Taiwan's Ministry of Culture announced the establishment of the Taiwan Film Institute, to develop and promote the local film industry.

The Taiwan Film Institute will replace the Chinese Taipei Film Archive, expanding upon the existing structure from preserving and restoring Taiwanese films to the promotion of the local film industry, the market expansion and industry research on Taiwanese films.

In the past, these tasks have been divided among multiple organizations and offices. Under the film institute's purview, events such as the biennial Taiwan International Documentary Festival, which did not have a regular organizer, will be facilitated.

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Funding for the institute has been increased to $5 million for this year from the $1 million the film archive received yearly, allowing the Ministry of Culture to better support the Taiwanese film industry.

The institute will house a digital restoration center to restore five to ten classic Taiwanese films each year. The Ministry of Culture has allocated $768,000 for the restoration of films since last year.

One of the other missions of the film institute is to encourage film studies. Minister of Culture Lung Ying-tai said the Ministry of Culture is in talks with the Ministry of Education to offer film appreciation courses in elementary and junior high schools.

The Taiwanese film Industry has grown at a compound rate of 12 percent or $66.7 million per year from 2008 to 2013. Film production companies have increased from 235 in 2009 to 446 in 2013.